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Touchscreen Underfloor Heating thermostat

All-008 Touch Screen Thermostat


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ALL-008 TouchScreen Thermostat

The ALL-008 underfloor heating thermostat is a new addition to our range, All controls are programmed via the slick touchscreen interface.

The Allbrite ALL-008 Digital Touchscreen Thermostat offers complete control over your underflooring heating installation. Highlights of the thermostat include;

  • Rated Power: 3.5kw
  • Voltage: 230 volts
  • Amps: 16 amps
  • Sensors: Floor, Air, Air and floor
  • Control Method: Thermostatic and timed
  • Frost Mode: Yes
  • Temperature Range: 5 – 40 Degrees
  • Manual Override: Yes
  • Program Mode: 5/2 , 6/1 or 7 day option
  • Factory Reset: Yes
  • Other: Auto resume on power outage
  • Warranty: 1 Year



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