LVT & Vinyl Flooring With Underfloor Heating


Heat-Pak is ideal for use with the AHT underfloor heating system when installing Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

The AHT system works at low temperatures so is ideal for vinyl floors. The temperature of the element does not need to exceed 27 Degrees Celsius to provide a primary heating system.

Using heat-Pak over the top of our elements means that you will have a perfectly flat floor for LVT Click, Loose Lay or Glue system Vinyl floors.

Heat-Pak saves time and money as no latex levelling compounds need to be used which can be time consuming and messy.


The Heat-Pak overlay board is very easy to install and can be laid as part of a DIY project which again can save a considerable amount of money on labour.

The Overlay board is only 7mm in total depth giving you very little floor build-up with maximum heat transfer as it is only 0.4 tog.

Floor preparation for underfloor heating with Vinyl floors has never been easier than using Heat-Pak.