Easy-Heat Insulation

Easy-Heat has high compressive strength and excellent thermal values making it ideal for installations of underfloor heating with stuck down floors , such as tile, slate, stone and level compound whrn installing a vinyl floor.

The height of the insulation is either 6mm or 10mm which ensures reduced height build up during the installation stages.

Once in place the Easy Heat tile backer boards can take the equivalent weight of 35 ton per 1 m2

Therm-All Insulation

Therm-All Insulation is a soft foam based insulation which is suitable with wood, laminate, carpet and engineered board floors..

The height of the insulation is 6mm and can be used in 2 layers for high heat loss areas (excluding under carpet).

The insulation comes in 5m2 and 10m2 rolls and is very easy to install, cutting of the insulation can be carried our with scissors. The insulation can be loose laid or stuck to the floor with double sided tape.