Support - Installing tile Underfloor Heating Guide


Tile underfloor heating is easy to install using our flat ribbon system. Allbrite can supply all of the appropriate equipment for your installation either as a bespoke system or pre packaged kit.

Our solution for under tile heating is low profile and will not increase the floor level by much. The amorphous metal technology has a greater energy transfer rate compared to standard copper wire which means it can heat the room to the desired temperature more efficiently.

Benefits of installing our tile underfloor heating

There are many benefits to installing this sort of system throughout your home, claiming back some of that radiator space being one of them! This metal ribbon heating system doesn’t require any other heat sources to keep you and your family warm.

You won’t be inconvenienced with Allbrite’s underfloor heating system:

  • You do not have to dig up any floors
  • You do not have to apply self-level or cement
  • You do not have to worry about floor height build up

Fitting directly under your tiles, this heating system is a radiant primary heating source.

Under tile Heating Installation

The system can be installed on top of any type of sub floor, including concrete, wood, block and beam and insulated deck.

The system can be installed on top of any type of sub floor, including concrete, wood, block and beam as well as insulated deck.

Installation Steps

  • Dry lay your Easy-Heat insulation (cut to shape with a sharp knife)
  • Once you are happy that all the boards will fit, remove the boards remembering where they will go
  • Mix your Flexible tile adhesive and spread over your subfloor (3mm notch trowel) and replace the Easy heat insulation applying a bit of pressure to ensure it bonds
  • Allow the flexible tile adhesive to set, if using rapid set flexible adhesive you should be able to walk on the insulation within 2 hours
  • Lay down your ribbon heating mats using the double sided tape on each end of the heating mats
  • Where required use our high adhesive tape to secure the edges
  • Route the cold leads (live & neutral) to a junction box just above skirting board level
  • Check the resistance of the heating elements matches with the resistance chart in installation manual
  • Connect the cold leads using our 5 lever quick connectors
  • Using a 10mm notch trowel spread an even bed of flexible adhesive over the heating mats and lay your tiles, slate or stone
  • See Electrical section for setting up electrics, if installing in a wet area please see grounding kits
  • Allow 7 days for the tile adhesive to set thoroughly before using the underfloor heating




It is important that a flexible tile adhesive and grout is used when installing underfloor heating. Allbrite has a range of recommended adhesives and grouts available.



Thermal Blocking

When using any underfloor heating it is important to ensure the heat can flow easily and not build up under the flooring product. items like thick rugs, bean bags, mattresses or anything with a high thermal resistance should not be placed on underfloor heating.