Conservatory Heating What Are The Options ?

Conservatory Heating

Conservatories are thought to be rooms used in the summer when the sun is shining, however over the years and demands for more habitable space the conservatories are being opened up and used as an additional room.

The problem is that conservatories tend to have a higher heat loss than other rooms due to the amount of glass.

Sometimes it is not possible to extend the heating circuits and add a radiator or there is not sufficient wall space to add a radiator.

How can I heat my conservatory ?

With the advancement of technology there are many ways you can achieve a comfortable heat all year around.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating MatHeating a conservatory with underfloor heating has become very popular over the last decade due to it requiring no wall space. Electric underfloor heating is more widely used with conservatory and flooring installers along with individual home owners carrying out DIY installation.

The AHT heating system can be installed as a primary heat and under any flooring making it ideal for conservatories. The total floor height buildup is minimal as the heating elements work at lower temperatures than other systems.

Wood Burning Stove

Multi-Fuel Stoves and Flue-less BurnersQuite a lot of conservatory owners are opting for wood burning stove’s however this is not always as easy as you would first imagine. With current regulation the position and height of the flue can make the installation of a wood stove cost prohibitive.

Due to complications in installation of a wood burner Allbrite have brought out a flue-less burner, which uses bio-ethanol a clean and efficient fuel. Our range of flue-less burners will usually heat a standard conservatory with ease while still giving you the aesthetic look of a real wood burner.

Far Infra Red Heating Panels

New developments have been made within the infrared heating panel industry with stylish new designs. The slim-line panels can be wall or ceiling mounted and will radiate heat forwards.

The panels come in many designs and can be printed with your favourite picture or even have a mirror on them.