About us

Allbrite's always prides itself on innovation and forward thinking. 2001 saw the beginning of technological advances within the electric underfloor heating market and Allbrite quickly developed the UK market offering amorphous metal ribbon heating and flooring.

Allbrite was formed and members of the team included contract flooring experts and underfloor heating experts, this set Allbrite UK Ltd. ahead of the competition.

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  • Here at Avilion Sustainable Homes we have purchased and installed the Allbrite electric under floor heating system several times.Dealing with Kath at Allbrite is always a very straight forward and simple matter and items arrive as ordered and in good time. Our customers have always given very positive feedback on the system.They are delighted with the low cost of heating their houses. The often heard comment is that the heating is required for such a short time during the day to maintain a comfortable temperature.
    Patrick Leech
    Avilion Homes
  • I was really surprised at how easy the ribbon mats were to install, also really pleased with the running costs - much cheaper than I expected!
    Alex West
  • I spoke to sales and technical on the Monday about my project and decided to order on Tuesday. The order arrived at 9am on the Wednesday morning and by Friday the flooring was going on top.The system is so easy to install it only took a couple of hours to lay approximately 20 square meters. The electrician quickly wired the system up and the room was nice and warm within the hour.My wife and the dog have fallen in love with the new heating system and the room looks amazing.
    Howard Marcsfield

What Is Amorphous Metal Underfloor Heating?

Amorphous metal is basically a metal that thinks it is a liquid, it has no crystalline structure like other metals and therefore is very strong and has excellent energy transfer qualities

The reason the amorphous metal heating mats are different is the fact they can be installed under any flooring as a primary heating system. This makes the AHT heating system the ideal choice for either retro fit or new build installations.

The design of the ribbon underfloor heating mats allows them to heat up very quickly giving you an on demand heat source for your home or office. It is so fast that within 10 minutes you can feel the warmth through carpet or laminate flooring, Tiled flooring takes a little longer but usually within 15 - 20 minutes you will feel the benefit.

Our electric underfloor heating has been sold all over the world and installed in most applications from apartment blocks to caravans and boats. Our system is not limited to kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories as other systems may be.

Allbrite offer an Installation service to the local area of North Wales and the North West, however it is very easy to install and 99% of the installation can be carried out by a competent D.I.Y.er (The electrical connections must be carried out by an electrician and conform to current regulations).