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You can buy all of the heating mats and components from our online underfloor heating store, if you prefer to discuss your project one of our team will be happy to talk to you. We can offer you a free planning service with a no obligation quote.

If you are considering a renewable energy solution we also supply and install wet underfloor heating systems that work in conjunction with our range of Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps or one or our Biomass Boilers. If you would like more information please call us on 01352 757 557, fill in the contact form or email sales@allbriteuk.co.uk.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Allbrite's Electric Underfloor Heating MatWe have been an industry leader within the floor heating sector since 2001. We were the first pioneers of this type of Electric Underfloor Heating system in the UK and committed a lot of energy and resource to promote this unique amorphous metal ribbon technology.

It is important to get the right advice, not just about the underfloor heating but how it interacts with the floor covering and your home.

We are a specialist contract flooring company and therefore we understand how the flooring and the heating elements work together.

Our Electric Underfloor Heating is quite simply the best and most versatile electric underfloor heating system available today. It can truly be classed as the best in floor 'easy heat'.

Why? Well here are just a few reasons;

  • Primary Heat Source (no need for radiators)
  • Works under any finished floor type - wood, laminate, carpet, tile, sale or vinyl
  • Slim-line - only 1.8mm thick
  • Fast warm up time
  • Cost effective to run
  • Easy DIY installation

Carbon Film Underfloor Heating

Carbon Film Underfllor HeatingAs an alternative to our Ribbon Electric Underfloor Heating we also offer a Carbon Film system, although not suitable for 'wet' areas it is suitable for installation under a floating floor, such as laminate. 

Installation is an easy DIY operation (electrics will need to be completed by a competent electrician). We offer the carbon film as a tailor-made kit to suit your room, or as a single roll which can be cut to size on site. The tailor-made kits have the 'cold' electrical leads connected, whereas the single rolls will require you to cut and crimp them (we supply all the necessary components to do this). We also offer kits for various floor areas - you will need to crimp these carbon film mats once they are cut to the size you require.

For tailor-made kits please send your room floor plans to floorplans@allbriteuk.co.uk. Your floor plans need to be dimensioned - anything from a hand-drawn sketch to full architectural plans are suitable.

Free next day working delivery We will not be beaten on price for any like for like system Best Electric Underfloor Heating System Heat-Pak Underfloor Heating boards

Conservatory Underfloor Heating

Installing Underfloor Heating in a ConservatoryElectric conservatory underfloor heating has become more popular over the years as it is highly controllable and enables you to use your conservatory occasionally or all year round.

Allbrite’s system is perfect for installation into your new extension or conservatory. Why go through the inconvenience of extending your existing heating system, and maybe a boiler upgrade too?

Our system will be easier to install, more cost effective to run and more controllable, and it won’t take up valuable wall space required by radiators. We have installed our products into hundreds of conservatories and extensions.

Allbrite Conservatory underfloor heating mats offer the simplest method of installing heating in your conservatory or sun room. Regardless of whether you want to retro-fit heating, or if it’s for a new build conservatory, our system offers un-rivalled ease of installation and affordable running costs.

The system can be installed under any type of floor covering such as, tiles, laminate, engineered board, vinyl or even carpet.

Your conservatory floor will feel warm and welcoming all year round thanks to an even heat radiating upwards and because our ribbon mats are a primary heat source you will not need any radiators, therefore maximising your wall space.

Conservatory underfloor heating is controlled by one of our electronic thermostats. We offer a variety of thermostats ranging from a basic ‘on off’ model to a fully programmable touchscreen system.

In order the get the best from your conservatoryheatingyou will need a good quality insulation product installed under the ribbon mats. Our insulation is unique to us and ideally suited to our ribbon mat system. The type of insulation product you require will depend on the finished floor type. We offer two types of insulation; for laminate, wood and carpet our Therm-all insulation is used, while for tile or vinyl floors, our EasyHeat insulation is used.

We offer a range of pre-made underfloor heating kits for both ribbon mats and carbon film, if there isn't a kit to suit the size of your conservatory underfloor heating then we can plan your layout free!

Kitchen Underfloor Heating

Installation of Kitchen Underfloor HeatingElectric Underfloor heating is a perfect fit for your kitchen. Wall space is always at a premium in any kitchen, therefore it is especially inconvenient if you need to keep a wall free to hang a radiator.

Our underfloor heating will provide an unrivalled heat source in your kitchen. It is a primary heat, therefore it negates the need for radiators, and it is highly controllable when used with one of our programmable thermostats.

If you are planning to install a wooden or laminate floor in your kitchen, then you have the option of either our ribbon heating or carbon film underfloor system. If you are installing a tile, stone, slate or vinyl floor then the former is your best option.

Kitchen Underfloor Heating - Finished

Both the ribbon and carbon options offer a fast warm up time, and a true underfoot even heat.

When installing one of oursystems into a kitchen you do not need to place it under cabinets, appliances or centre isles. You will also need our grounding kit as an extra safety measure for areas where water may spill.

Send us your kitchen plans for a FREE no obligation quotation.

Bathroom Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating in a BathroomStepping onto a cold floor after a bath or shower can be very uncomfortable. Using our electric floor heating will give you the benefits of a warm floor.

Our systems are suitable for bathrooms, en-suites, saunas, swimming pools and changing rooms.

Although bathrooms tend to have tiled or vinyl floors, our under floor heating is also suitable for laminate, wood and carpet.

Using our system is very cost effective when carrying out a bathroom refurbishment.

In some cases, dependent of furnishing, an additional heated towel rail may be required.

When planning your installation please note that there is no need to install the heating mats underneath baths, showers, toilets or cabinets. If in doubt please call us for advice.

Garden Room Underfloor Heating

If you have a garden room or outside office space it can be difficult and impractical to extend your current central heating system to heat that space.

Our system is perfect for such applications. Provided your garden room is suitably insulated (as it would need to be in order to install any kind of heating system) and you use our underfloor insulation products you will be able to create a warm and welcoming environment all year round.


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