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Allbrite UK Ltd was founded in 2001 with the vision to source and supply energy efficient products throughout the UK.

Allbrite UK are an award winning underfloor heating and specialist renewable energy company based in North Wales. In 2013 we were delighted to have won the Flintshire Business Week Environment Green Award. Established in 2001 initially supplying flooring and underfloor heating we quickly expanded our portfolio of products to include many renewable energy solutions such as solar pv, solar hot water, biomass and air source heat pumps. We are also qualified HETAS installers and can provide you with wood and multi-fuel stoves.

As an MCS certified company we are qualified to install and commission renewable energy technologies including solar pv, solar hot water, biomass and air source heat pumps. In order for you to qualify for government payments for any of these technologies your system must have been installed by an MCS company such as Allbrite.

We have both a showroom in Mold town centre and a head office and distribution centre on the outskirts of Mold in North Wales.

We can provide you with a free no obligation quotation for underfloor heating or any of our renewable energy products.

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Solutions for Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems provide and alternative method to traditional radiators to heating a room. There are two derivatives of underfloor heating systems; dry systems and wet systems.

Dry systems are essentially electric cables laid out on top of your subfloor (although some dry systems can be embedded in a screed), which are then covered with your chosen finished floor.

Wet systems are made up of water pipes laid into a screed, hot water is then circulated through the pipes using a traditional boiler or an air source heat pump. The pipes are connected to via a manifold. We do install wet underfloor heating systems – please call for more information.

What makes our system unique?

Our underfloor heating is a dry system, but it differs from a traditional electric underfloor heating system because the heat is generated by conducting the electricity through an amorphous metal strip, thus providing a far more efficient use of energy. When you compare our ribbon mat system against a cable system the first thing you will notice is that our heating elements are much closer together, this gives two major advantages; firstly you get a much more even radiant heat (no cold spots between the elements) and secondly the heating mat will work at a lower temperature making it more energy efficient.

Regardless of whether you want carpet underfloor heating, tile underfloor heating, wood / laminate underfloor heating or even vinyl underfloor heating - our system is the only one you will ever need.

To read more about the benefits of our underfloor heating please click here.

Underfloor Heating

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Generate your own electricity using Solar PV

Solar PV (or Solar Photovoltaic) systems have become more and more commonplace over the past few years – mainly due to attractive government incentives for the homeowner. The incentives are still very much available – known as the Feed in Tariff albeit it at a lower rate than they were a few years ago, but the cost of an installed solar pv system has also been much reduced therefore making the return on investment just as attractive. A typical example would be a 4kW system (usually 16 solar panels) returning 14% over the term of the Feed in Tariff – far more than any savings scheme! Also don’t forget the green credentials of generating your own electricity.

We have been installing solar pv systems not only in North Wales and Cheshire since 2005 but also nationwide. For more information click here.

Solar PV Installers

We have been installing
Solar PV since 2005

Generate your own heat using a Biomass system

If you are considering a new boiler then you need to consider a biomass system. A biomass system is fuelled by either wood pellets or logs, as a fuel source they are as much as half the price of oil or LPG. Biomass fuel is known as a renewable energy source.

The government runs a ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ that for a domestic use provides a payment plan over 7 years. The payment amount is based on the heat demand of your property and the correctly sized boiler – we can calculate your heat demand and boiler size once we have carried out a survey of your home. For business users and landlords the payment scheme is more generous – lasting 20 years.

If you would like to talk to us about a biomass boiler system please get in touch, or read more.

Biomass Boilers

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Air Source Heat Pumps – a great alternative to traditional heating

An air source heat pump absorbs energy from air outside, converting it into heat for use around your home - think of it as the opposite to how a fridge works.

Like biomass, air source heat pumps are also qualify for the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’, the same payment scheme is applicable. An air source heat pump is ideally suited to a wet underfloor heating system and will be more efficient in a property that has high insulation values. Although the heat pump will work in less well insulated properties we would recommend increasing the size of the radiators as the pump works at a lower temperature than biomass or traditional methods of heating.

Allbrite supply Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pumps. Find out more...

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps
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Log Burning Stoves and Multi Fuel Stoves

Log burning and multi fuel stoves make a great focal point in any room, not only that but they create a warm and homely atmosphere too. We supply and install log burning and multi fuel stoves, prices start at just under £500. There is a limited range of Esse and Termatech stoves on display in our showroom – but we are able to provide you with pretty much any stove you want.

Because we are HETAS certified we can install your stove giving you confidence that it has been done correctly and that is complies with all the necessary regulations. To view our stoves and ranges click here...

Log Burning Stoves

Log Burning Stoves
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